Welcome the the Bauce Brothers Hot One Hundred.

Over the last year we have been extremely fortunate to taste hundreds and hundreds of sauces from across the earth, we wanted to list our top 100 favourites from across the United Kingdom.

The following list is designed to celebrate the saucy sauces and hot sauce hustlers that bless our plate!

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Smokey Dragon by Condimaniac

This hot sauce is created by one of the scenes best loved hot sauce reviewers. Unfortunately for us, the first batch was the best he’s ever made, and since then, he's been chasing the smokey dragon.

Heat rating: 3/5

Satans Gravy by Karyo

Brewed in Tottenham, the boys behind this banger make cool beats and hawt sauce. Although it only has a heat rating of 3/5, be warned this sauce has hospitalised at least one person.

Heat rating: 3/5

Satans Gravy.png
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Batch One by Peckham Sauce Co

Straight out of Peckham, this sauce takes time, love and whole load of Rwandan chillies to create. The sauce is fermented and doesn't use any additives or preservatives.

Heat rating: 2/5

Hot Stuff by Saucy Bitch

Hot Stuff is a ballsy take on a classic hot sauce. This saucy little number is packed with premium red jalapenos, habaneros, birds eye and romano chillies, then rounded off with a generous hit of garlic. We have given it a medium spicy heat so it appeals to all lovers of hot sauce. It is perfect to splash in home cooking or to use as a saucy hot dip.

Heat rating: 2/5

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Original Hot Sauce by Dalston Chillies

This sauced is packed with Scotch Bonnet's has a punchy perfumed flavour, so expect a mouth full of fruity flavours and a good amount of fire. Watch out though this is the hottest sauce in the range!

Heat rating: 3/5

Hot Sauce by Pepper Kitchen

This is premium hot sauce. Handcrafted and homemade. With balanced acid tones from vinegar with fresh vegetables, a hint of sugar, and extra virgin olive oil to put flavour first. Ideal straight on your plate.

Heat rating: 3/5

Pepper Kitchen.png

The Green One by Vicky’s Kitchen

This is a traditional recipe made with green scotch bonnet with the addition of spring onion and more cucumber for a fresher twist on the traditional hot sauce. Great with chicken and fish, good with everything else!

Heat rating: 3/5

Burn Baby Burn by Disco Hot Sauce

Panamanian style hot sauce with a London twist. Fiery, tangy, complex flavour. Extremely versatile. Pour it over anything (with caution!) and enjoy.

Heat rating: 4/5

disco hot sauce.png

BasBaas Hot Sauce by Amira’s Foods

Amira’s Basbaas Sauce is made from 11 all natural ingredients in East London. The root of these sauces can be traced to the cuisine of East Africa. Tamarind and Dates are the secret ingredients which give the sauce it’s unique and delicious taste.

Heat rating: 2/5

Holy Fuck Hot Sauce by The Ribman

The Ribman's famous Holy Fuck Hot Sauce made with scotch bonnet peppers and naga jolokia chilis. Be warned this sauce kicks harder than Roberto Carlos.

Heat rating: 4/5

holy fuck.png

Dad’s Original by Baj's Blazing Hot Sauce

These hot sauces, combine a myriad of scotch bonnets and green finger chillies, they also have a thick consistency and are flavoursome as well as satisfying for any chilli lover. Packed full of a garlic and onion base to set off the rich, mouth-watering flavours of the Punjab.

Heat rating: 2/5

Hot Scotch Bonnet Chilli Sauce by My Sauce

Created by the original hot sauce hustler Thomas Kondiments, bringing some of the most unique flavours to your meals, if you like serious flavour we recommend you put some joy in your food with one of MySauces delicious range.

Heat rating: 2/5


Raja Bonnet Sauce by En Roots

A South London creation of international inspiration.An outrageous blend of fresh red Scotch Bonnet peppers, Kesar mango and fragrant Gujarati spices.Give it a try and experience the sauce everyone's talking about...Would you RAJA BONNET!? Pure Goodness. Vegan. Fire.

Heat rating: 2/5

Tropical Tang by Big Bowse Condiments

This is a unique hybrid sauce-marinade AKA (Sarinade™). Punchy pineapples meddled with spicy scotch bonnet peppers with a butterscotch side kick (provided by the Organic Coconut Sugar which naturally contains a low GI)!Bold and complex in flavour reminiscent of the tropics. Goes well with pulled pork,tacos, fish, chicken wings or a pizza party.

Heat rating: 3/5

big bowse.png

Original OG by Barnfathers

This is the Original O.G. Pineapple Hot Sauce. Made with BBQ'ed pineapple, a wombo-combo of chillies, and some extra zing. Tried, tasted and loved - all fresh ingredients.

Heat rating: 2/5

Bhut Jolokia by Mahi

Spice hunters, look no further than this award-winning Bhut Jolokia hot sauce. Fire up your taste buds with a deliciously smoky sauce that will pack a mean punch to any dish.

Heat rating: 3/5

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brightston hot stufff.png

Scorpion by Brighton Hot Stuff

These small batch chilli sauces are produced, bottled and labelled under one roof in the most sustainable way possible. You’ll want to splash batch #135 all over your breakfast eggs every morning. No scorpions were harmed in the making of this product.

Heat rating: 2/5

Ghost Town Super Hot Sauce by Tubby Tom’s

Like a bit of spice in ya life but also dig heavy flava? Ghost Town is for you - it's our serious hot sauce, for serious muthas. Made with the phattest ghost chillies, it's a garlicky, tomatoey hot sauce - great for making buffalo wingz.

Heat rating: 4/5

tubby toms.png

Habanero Hot Sauce by Sauce Shop

This sauce is packed full of Habanero peppers for their floral fruitiness and intense heat. They are aged for up to 3 months to further develop the complex flavour. This sauce is seriously hot and great for adding a big dose of spicy, sharp and salty flavour to any dish.

Heat rating: 3/5

Smokey & The Bandit by The League of Unchartered Flavours

This competition winner is probably the most popular hot sauces from these chaps! It used Pimenton (smoked praprika) and roasted camsicums to create flavour that works really well with red meat and especially at a BBQ.

Heat rating: 3/5


Harissa Chilli Sauce by Harry Brand

This product uses the same four-ingredient recipe as the jar, but has a smoother blend for a more convenient way of adding a slick of harissa to BBQ burgers, wraps, samosas and sandwiches.

Heat rating: 3/5

Hot Punjabi Chilli Sauce by Mr Singh's

The sauce which made Mr Singh’s famous. Hot and delicious! Deep, rich, umami flavour with a hint of sweetness. You get delicious flavour with a pleasurable chilli kick at the back of your throat. The original and one of the best chilli sauces ever created! Created over 25 years ago, this sauce is historically hot!

Heat rating: 3/5

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Original Hot Sauce by Screaming Chimp

This is THE sauce that launched Screaming Chimp's saucy selection. Fun fact this is sauce was originally created for the founders sister, the rest of us can’t thank her enough!

Heat rating: 3/5

Chipotle / Pineapple / Garlic by Chorrito Hot Sauce

This Chipotle Hot sauce combines Organic home smoked Chipotles, earthy ancho chillies, red habaneros & sweet grilled pineapple, create a perfectly balanced, smoky sauce with medium heat.

Heat rating: 3/5

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Jocks Hot Sauce by Jocks Hot Sauce

Tasty, tangy and not a little bit poky – Jock’s hand crafted, beautifully bottled hot sauce is a great addition to meals, marinades, BBQs and more…

Heat rating: 3/5

Het Sass by Singularity Sauce

This is the mildest sauce they are ever likely to make. Seriously, if you've tried their other sauces, you might be confused as to just how mild it is. This is a sauce for everyone.

Heat rating: 3/5

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Cayenne Pepper Sauce by Hot-Headz!

Undoubtedly the most widely used chille in Indian and Indo-Chinese cookery, the Cayenne derived it's name from the Tupi Indians of the Cayenne district of French Guiana. Sharp heat for good all round use and better flavour than it's contemporary tabasco.

Heat rating: 3/5

Hot Strength by African Volcano

Contain four cultivars of chillies: Scotch bonnet; African Birds Eye; Dorset Naga and Facing Heaven all of which create a vortex of unforgettable flavours.

Heat rating: 3/5

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Dorset Fire by Dorset Chilli Shop

Dorset Fire is made with roasted vine tomatoes, roasted red onions and garlic along with fennel, balsamic vinegar and lemon juice oh and a good amount of Naga!!!! Making it a great everyday hot sauce.

Heat rating: 3/5

Garlic & Pepper Hot Sauce by Tan Rosie's

This Caribbean hot chilli sauce is made from a secret family recipe. It can be used as a marinade and as a dipping sauce for all meats and veg. A real taste of the Caribbean, feel the heat!

Heat rating: 3/5

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Pineapple Express by The Smokey Carter

A fruity sauce with pineapple for sweetness and a little scotch bonnet for heat. Inspired by our many years in the Caribbean. We bring you sunshine in a bottle. The perfect accompaniment to: Jerk chicken, gammon, lamb, rice dishes.

Heat rating: 3/5

Fiery Scotch Bonnet by Bonnie Sauce Co

Hot enough to bring Shakespeare back from the dead in order to make some slight changes to his classic, the Fiery Scotch Bonnet achieves the impossible. It is both extremely hot whilst maintaining its subtlety of flavour.

Heat rating: 3/5

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Pineapple & Habanero Table Sauce by World of Zing

Banish the bland with this fiery, fruity hot sauce. Pineapple & Habanero Table Sauce is great for zinging up barbecues, salsas and marinades.

Heat rating: 3/5

Trinidad Scorpion by Wiltshire Chilli Farm

It's almost impossible to choose just one from the legends at Wiltshire Chilli Farm, but we had to go with the Trinidad Scorpion - this bad boy even featured on Hot Ones!

Heat rating: 3/5

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Hot Stuff Chili Sauce by Mr Vikkis

Mr Vikkis Original Chilli Sauce, made with 50% scotch bonnet chillies and mango for a luxury fragrant hot chilli sauce, for those that like hot stuff!

Heat rating: 3/5