welcome to the hot sauce hall of fame.

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Dalston Chillies Original Hot Sauce

Location: Hackney/Dalston East London
Describe in 3 words: Fruity, herby, fiery.
Origin: Caribbean style.
Inspiration: I was making it for years before I ever sold it. I’m a huge fan of scotch bonnets.
USP: All natural, no preservatives, small batch sauces with tonnes of heat and even more flavour.
Heat level: High but not uncomfortable (depending on your tolerance levels!).
Recommendations: Goes really well in marinades, in coleslaw with some fresh thyme and sweetcorn or mixed with some mayo with chips.
Price: £4-£4.50
Bottle size: 150ml
Where to buy: Online from World of zing, Craved or Harvey Nichols.


Name: Chorrito Sauce Co.
Location: Edinburgh
Could you describe this sauce in 3 words: Hotter Than You
Origin: We love heat, and always have, but found that most hot sauces where vinegar lead, masking any of those gorgeous natural chilli flavours, which is why we decided to make our own, not only hot, but using fresh clean recipes, filled with flavour. 
What inspired you to make sauce: Our Inspiration comes from the culture and traditional cooking techniques of South America, where we’ve travelled extensively.
Base chilli: Our 3 base flavours, soon to be 4 are, Habanero, Ghost, Jalapeno, Chipotle
USP: All natural, small batch hot-sauce, with no sugar and only the freshest ingredients, which create unique, chilli centric flavour profiles, perfect for food pairing, making it the most versatile hot sauce on the market.
Heat level: Medium, Hot, Extra Hot, but all mouth-wateringly delicious.
Recommended foods/Recipes: Brunch, especially poached eggs and Avocado and with tacos they’re a must.


Name of sauce: Hot Punjabi Chilli Sauce
Location: Origins in London
Describe in 3 words: Umami. Hot. Tangy
Origin: Thai Birds Eye Red Chilli
What inspired you to make the sauce: Popa Singh could not find a chilli sauce he loved so he made his own.
Base chilli used: Thai Birds Eye Red Chilli
Heat level: 3/5
Recommended foods/recipes: Noodle Stir Fry
Price: £2.50
Bottle size: 275g

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Name: Gilchrist Thomas
Company: Thomas Kondiments Ltd
Brand: My Sauce
Location: Waltham Abbey Essex
Description in 3 words: Fresh, Fruity, unique
Origin: UK Caribbean
Base chilli: Scotch Bonnet
USP: Plant Based (90% Vegetables - rather then added e-numbers), Gluten free, suitable for vegans.
Heat Level: MILD- 3 HOT 4 (it’s all palatable heat that will compliment your food rather than burn your mouth and spoil your food)
Recommended foods: As its a table sauce it compliments any dish - including Vegetarian and Vegan dishes
Price: £3.40
Bottle size: 150ml

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Jeepers Reapers Revenge

Location: Derbyshire, United Kingdom
Describe in 3 words: Jeepers Reapers Revenge
Base chilli: Reapers & Scotch Bonnet
Heat level: #IfItsNotDaddyItsNotCool
Recommended foods: Caribbean Chilli Sauce, great in stews, Chilli, splash on a sausage butty.
Price: £4.50
Bottle size: 150ml


Name: Batch One
Location: Peckham, London
Describe in 3 words: Tangy, Fresh, Flavour
What inspired you to make the sauce? I started playing around with fermented hot sauces in my kitchen back in 2017, I created the first batch that I gifted to foodie friends and family at Christmas. I was encouraged to start selling immediately because it tasted like 'no other'. Since then I have refined the fermenting process and my spices to eventually create 'Batch One'. Working alongside my job at food delivery company EatFirst, I have been going from strength to strength selling out in shops across London with the vision to create a full range of totally unique hot sauces.
Base chilli: Dutch Chilli & Scotch Bonnet
USP: Raw Fermented Hot Sauce
Heat level: 6/10
Recommended foods: Bacon Sandwich!
Price: £4.95
Bottle size: 150ml


Name: Baj's BlazIn' Hot Sauce
Location: Royal Borough of Greenwich
Describe sauces in 3 words: Flavourful, Clean, Hot
Origin: London/Punjabi
Inspiration: My Dad who cooked like a demon, with the hot stuff
Base Chillies: Varies from green finger chillies, scotch bonnets, Kashmiri chillies
USP: Made by a girl who has cherished her Dad's Original recipe, keeping his legacy alive
Heat level: Varies on the sauces....You'll need to give it a go! (please)
Recommended foods/recipes: Marinade, stir in a stew, stir fry, pour on anything
Price: £4.50
Bottle size: 250ml

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Name: Barnfathers
Location: Hackney Wick
Describe this sauce in 3 words: Fresh, Tasty, Bangin’
Origin: The Red Gates
What inspired you to make sauce: Our story is simple; Three ex-housemates that wanted to keep in touch, and who all had a love for hot sauce, chili sauce, whatever you want to call it – with real flavor.
Base chillis: Scotch Bonnet + Peppers
USP: BBQ Pineapple Base, all our sauces are made from only fresh ingredients and zero preserves.
Heat level: 3/5 - We focus on the flavor!
Recommended foods: Fresh in a Salad, Tasty with Cheese, Bangin' on Fried Chicken
Price: 4.00-4.50
Bottle size: 200ml

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Name: Must Chup Bad Boy Kick
Location: Tunbridge Wells
Origin: Caribbean inspired
What inspired you to make sauce: My customers asked us to make a hotter sauce than our Big Kick sauce. 1% habanero v 28% habanero.
Base chilli Habanero.
USP: Versitility using as a dip, marinade, cooking sauce and table Ketchup. Can be used all year round and is gluten, dairy, nut free. Heat level : Not measured yet!.
Food recipes: Cheese on toast, stews, casseroles, nurfets, hot dogs, soups.

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Sunwah Chilli Oils

Location: Tottenham
Describe in 3 words: Flavour, Aromatic, Tasty.
Origin: Made in UK, inspired by the Far East (Malaysia).
Inspiration: you to make sauce: Family business.
Base chillis: Equivalent to the Cayenne Chilli heatwise.
USP: Not just heat based but flavour based
Heat level: Mixed from Mild to Hot.
Recommended foods/Recipes: Spicy Garlic Chicken.
Price: £3-£3.50 each unit
Bottle size: 160g-180g

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Name: Pepper kitchen
Location: East london
Origin: Caribbean inspired
What inspired you to make sauce: Read the beautiful back story here.
Base chillis: base chilli is scotch bonnet, but our dangerously hot sauce throws in a little ghost, carolina reaper and scorpion.
USP: Truly balanced flavour. Not too sweet, not to vinegary, no additives or preservatives, fresh and premium ingredients, some organic.
Heat level: Medium to Hot.
Recommended foods/Recipes: Everything!

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Name: The Bonnie Sauce Company
Location: Edinburgh
Describe sauces in 3 words: Flavourful, Versatile, delicious.
Origin: Mexican casual dining industry and our sauces were so popular in our burrito bars that customers kept asking us if they could buy the sauce for themselves. So many people kept asking us that we decided to start bottling and selling our sauce! 😄
Base Chillies: base chillies are ones you’d find in classic Mexican dishes, chipotle, Habanero, jalapeños.
USP: All natural (no artificial ingredients, flavours, preservatives), yet we manage to maintain a 2 year shelf life, Vegan, Gluten Free, Nut Free, Produced in the UK
Heat level: we don’t make super spicy sauce. We make our sauces full of flavour rather than obscene heat so people can appreciate the flavour of the chillies rather than just tasting heat.
Bottle size: Our sauce comes in two sizes - 100ml and 275ml.


Name: Paradise Farm Chilli Co (Guernsey Home Grown Chillies)
Location: Paradise Farm, Guernsey, Channel Islands (Isle Of Sun)
Could you describe this sauce in 3 words: Warm, fruity and Delicious
Origin: Guernsey
What inspired you to make sauce? Just wanted to make something Hot with lots of flavour.
Base Chilli: 7pot Habanero (yellow)
USP: We grow all our Chillies here in Guernsey at Paradise Farm (we might be the most southern Chilli Farm in the British Isles) We have more than 1000 hours Sun than the UK. We only use Chillies in our sauces no Chilli Extracts are used in any of our sauces.
Heat level: Hot
Recommended foods/Recipes: Sticky Chicken or Ribs
Price: RRP £4.99
Bottle size: 150ml
Where to buy: You can only buy this sauce at The Slaughterhouse in Guernsey. The Slaughterhouse is a Restaurant and Bar which is in Guernseys old Slaughterhouse, we make this sauce exclusively for them.